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At firebranch we have a vast selection of quality coal buckets and hods in a variety of styles, finishes and sizes and we are sure that we will have one that will fulfill your requirements.

Historically, coal buckets were referred to as coal scuttles or even coal helmets, as their shapes were based on actual military helmets. The most famous coal helmet was probably the Cromwell, although in recent times this is more commonly called the Cathedral, Cambridge or Salisbury. Other buckets retain their traditional helmet names : Blenheim, Busby, Flanders, Orleans, Prussian, Waterloo and Wessex.

Similarly, the taller coal hods have traditionally been referred to by place names, often reflecting the town or county where they were first made. So, we have the Dorset, Norfolk and Sussex hods along with the Buckley, Henley, Milton, Sherborne and Warwick.These coal hods are sometimes described as coal chutes, reflecting their shape.

Our coal buckets are available in many different finishes which enables you to both enhance your fireplace and suit your decor. Size and shape are also important factors when choosing the coal bucket that is right for you. All of our coal buckets are made to be used but many are ornamental too and will adorn any fireside. Whatever your needs we are sure that your own perfect coal bucket can be found within firebranch's high quality collection.  
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